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How does our 300 hours yoga teacher training course stand out?

Our 300-hour course offers an integrative approach to yoga education, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience. It seamlessly combines elements such as physical practice, breathwork, meditation, philosophy, and teaching methodology. This integrated approach means that there’s a deliberate and reinforcing connection between the modules. We believe in providing a structured and purposeful curriculum rather […]

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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Derby: How to Prepare for the Course -Tips and Tricks

Ready to embark on an enriching journey of self-discovery, inner growth, and transformation? Congratulations on signing up for your Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) in Derby! This immersive experience promises to be a life-changing adventure that will deepen your yoga practice, expand your knowledge, and pave the way to becoming a certified yoga instructor. To […]

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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Derby: What to expect

Are you ready to dive deeper into the ancient practice of yoga and embark on a transformative journey? Look no further than Breathing Space Yoga Studio in Derby, East Midlands. With their 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course, guided by Yoga Alliance International, you’ll gain the skills and tools needed to develop your practice, explore yoga […]