Baby Yoga Classes

Continue to deepen your bonding experience with your baby through physical touch and play, whilst making sure you yourself get the care and attention you deserve during this demanding phase of parenthood . Gentle asana and breathing practices will make for a supportive, nurturing and calm environment in which you can enjoy quality time with your little one.

Mama and Baby Yoga classes

Mama and Baby Yoga at The Breathing Space in Derby is a unique a truly precious practice that focuses on nurturing the bond between parent and baby. This class is suitable for parents and their babies from 10 weeks old to crawling. The practice combines gentle asanas, breathing practices, and physical touch to create a supportive and nurturing environment where you can connect with your little one.

One of the main benefits of Mama and Baby Yoga is the opportunity for parents to deepen their bond with their babies. The practice emphasizes physical touch and play, which helps to strengthen the connection between parent and baby. The physical contact during the practice helps to stimulate the baby’s nervous system, which can improve their overall development. This practice provides a safe space for parents to learn how to connect with their babies and provides them with the tools they need to continue building a strong bond outside of class.

Another benefit of Mama and Baby Yoga is the opportunity for parents to practice self-care. Parenthood can be demanding, and it’s easy for parents to neglect their own physical and emotional needs while caring for their baby. This class provides a supportive and nurturing environment where parents can take some time to focus on their own well-being. Gentle asanas and breathing practices can help to alleviate stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and provide a sense of calm and relaxation.