Men’s Yoga Classes

Designed for male practitioners, these classes offer a supportive space to explore yoga’s physical and mental benefits. Cultivate strength, flexibility, and mental clarity while fostering camaraderie among like-minded men. Our teacher, Graham, provides tailored guidance to address male-specific health concerns.

New to Men’s Yoga?

Here’s a sweetener – 6 passes to get into your groove with Men’s Yoga. A reduced price Bundle with a short expiry for you to really nail down the practice with consistency. Just £45! (usually £56)

The benefits of our Men’s Classes

A dedicated space crafted exclusively for men to explore the timeless practice of yoga. Our classes cater specifically to the needs of men, offering tailored instruction from experienced teachers who understand the male physique intricately. Here, you’ll find a supportive community where camaraderie and connection thrive, fostering an environment conducive to personal growth and self-discovery. Take the opportunity to enhance your physical strength, increase flexibility, and achieve mental clarity through mindful practices designed to alleviate stress and promote well-being.

Join us for this class where masculinity is celebrated, and the benefits of yoga are realised in a welcoming and inclusive setting.