The Rosen Method

Rosen Method, founded by Marion Rosen, is an experiential body-centered somatic modality that promotes psychophysical well-being.

It encompasses Rosen Method Bodywork and Rosen Method Movement, two complementary practices taught at affiliated training centers and schools. Through gentle touch, Rosen Method helps locate and release tension, allowing the authentic self to emerge from behind muscular armor and pain. This physical transformation often leads to emotional shifts, self-acceptance, and integration of body and mind. With supportive touch and attentive language,

Rosen Method practitioners guide clients in exploring their physical and emotional experiences. This process fosters awareness, relaxation, and release, improving health, relationships, and overall life experience. By creating a secure therapeutic space, clients develop self-compassion, uncover unconscious patterns, and experience profound connections, promoting resilience and self-awareness.

Available Tuesdays until 8pm (last appointment is at 630pm) 

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