Craft the Life You Deserve with Metaphysical Counselling

Welcome to this space – may you find the Breathing Space you’re looking for…

To heal and embrace the life we truly deserve, we must venture into uncharted territories within ourselves. This journey demands courage, along with a gentle touch of patience and self-kindness.

Intuitively, we know when we are ready to take this step.

So, trust yourself, grant yourself the space to feel, release, and heal, and set out to flourish in the life we have the power to shape.

Meet Louise; Holistic Counsellor, Coach, Metaphysical Practitioner & Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, and Mum.

″I hold the belief that each one of us is a unique, significant force in the grand tapestry of life. However, oftentimes, we have unwittingly adopted beliefs about ourselves that profoundly influence our actions. Regrettably, we may not even be aware of this baggage.

For some, a pivotal event may have occurred, while for others, it may feel like a nebulous cloud, obscuring why we never quite feel “good enough.” Many of us grapple with a sense of limitation and stagnation, making life seem like an uphill battle.

Regardless of the reasons, many of us reach a juncture where we find ourselves in need of a helping hand, that extra support to comprehend the growing discomfort with life.

I know that sensation. I also know that it is entirely possible to reclaim our innate talents and acknowledge our gifts, once we muster the courage to explore what needs healing. This entails acknowledging past hurts and navigating through discomfort, but I assure you, it is a journey well worth the effort. It is our birthright to live life from a place of empowerment, to lead a life doing what brings us joy and purpose…”

What is Metaphysical Counselling, and How Can it Help?

Metaphysical Counselling embodies a holistic approach, blending traditional talk therapy with meditation, visualisation, and breathwork. This allows you, as the client, to articulate your experiences and uncover the beliefs that have taken root around them. Through breathwork, meditation, and expert guidance, we can tap into truths that may have been hidden in your life. This illuminates what has been holding you back, what has been generating unhelpful, imbalanced responses, behaviours, and habits. Once we bring these to light, once they are ‘seen’, we can work towards feeling, clearing, and healing, thereby creating space for a fresh way of engaging with the world.

How Can Metaphysical Counselling Empower You to Craft the Life You Deserve?

    • Unearths and addresses limiting beliefs that may be operating in the background.
    • Offers mindful support and guidance throughout your journey of self-exploration.
    • Provides a clear vision of your true desires and aspirations.
    • Cultivates the resilience and inner confidence necessary for transformative change.
    • Equips you with practical, everyday tools to sustain our collaborative efforts.
    • Guides you towards a state of equilibrium, ease, and tranquillity, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or imbalanced.
    • Expands your perception of yourself, your life choices, and the people around you.
    • Enhances self-understanding, leading to a deeper sense of purpose.
    • In essence, this approach empowers you to know yourself on a profound level. To understand your needs, honour your feelings, and align your desires with the rhythms of life around you. With this newfound clarity and self-love, your life naturally begins to take shape as your own creation.

Start on your Journey today

While there isn’t a fixed number of sessions set in stone, it is advisable to initially engage in six sessions to fully immerse yourself in the process and yield optimal results.

Following these initial six sessions, you always have the option to schedule additional sessions for continued mentoring and support.

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