Aerial Yoga Classes

Our wonderful Aerial Yoga classes expertly integrate the use of a silk to support or extend individual postures. From the lightest downward dog, to the most deeply satisfying weightless shoulder stand – this approach truly frees up the body to explore! The support it provides gives the freedom to fully invert, explore the movements creatively and develop core strength, flexibility and decompression of the spine and joints. The beauty of this very versatile prop means that it can adapt and modify your practice wherever necessary to ensure you gain maximum benefit from the session. 

The benefits of our Aerial Yoga classes

A unique and rewarding practice, our Aerial Yoga classes offer benefits for both the body and mind by integrating a hammock or swing into the practice to experience new dimensions. One major advantage is spinal decompression, releasing tension and alleviating pain and discomfort in the back and neck. Aerial Yoga classes also promote core strength and stability, building a stronger core that supports practitioners in all areas of life. Additionally, the practice improves flexibility and balance by allowing deeper stretching and exploration of advanced poses safely. The feeling of weightlessness promotes a sense of freedom and relaxation, soothing the nervous system and releasing tension. With the hammock allowing for a range of movements, Aerial Yoga encourages exploration and self-expression, leading to a sense of joy and curiosity. The practice’s meditative aspect also helps to quiet the mind, improve focus, and promote calm and relaxation, benefiting mental health and well-being.

We also run aerial teacher training.