Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hours

January 2025

Registered Yoga School

Christine overcomes camera shyness to answer some common questions like ‘do I have to be good at yoga?’

A Teacher Training Course Graduate reflect on her experiences

Welcome to our 200-hour yoga training course, crafted to provide you with a profound and transformational experience.

This course is for yoga practitioners who wish to deepen and enrich their own practice – to immerse themselves fully, understand more deeply and further embed yoga into their lifelong journey.

We believe, once a strong personal yoga practice is established, only then can we then begin to build tools and techniques to communicate this to others to share our understanding of our practice and experiences (teaching!). Whilst teaching and planning is a significant part of this course, the emphasis is always on exploring your own practice and discovering a transformational yoga journey.

Embark on a transformational experience where you will:

Explore Ancient Wisdom

Delve into the practices outlined in traditional yoga texts, igniting your journey towards mastery.

Bridge East and West

Compare, contrast, and embrace the diverse approaches to the body, mind, and soul from Eastern and Western perspectives

Engage in Philosophical Discourse

Dive deep into discussions and debates on yoga philosophies, weaving them into your personal approach to yoga.

Cultivate Depth and Authenticity

Develop a reflective and profound practice that integrates authentic, traditional techniques across a spectrum of yoga styles.

Our CORE Curriculum Modules are meticulously designed to enrich your understanding and practice:

Techniques, Training, Practice

Explore the historical context of asana (poses) including lineage-specific postures like sukhasana and savasana. Learn complete sequencing, anatomical principles, and safe practices.

Anatomy & Physiology

Explore the intricate workings of the human body, from the skeletal and muscular systems to the nervous system and beyond. Understand how these systems interplay with yoga practice, enhancing your teaching and personal practice alike.


Discover key meditation terms and methods specific to our school’s lineage, empowering you to embrace meditation as an integral part of your journey.


Gain invaluable knowledge, skills, and experience across various competencies through mentorship and hands-on learning.

Yoga Humanities

Immerse yourself in the rich history and philosophy of yoga, from its ancient origins to its modern-day relevance. Reflect on ethical considerations and delve into major texts such as the Yoga Sutras.

Professional Essentials

Equip yourself with essential teaching methodologies, class management techniques, and professional development strategies. Gain insight into ethical practices, continuing education, and the broader landscape of yoga professionalism.

Teacher Training Graduate Testimonials


Training Dates

12 weekends over 11 months.

All 200 hours are CONTACT hours in line with the Elevated Standards.

You will also be able to undertake 3-5 hours of Aprenticeship with an experienced teacher and 5 hours of live class observations.

The weekends are scheduled as follows: Saturday 0900 – 1800 / Sunday 0900 – 1800

  1. 1. January 4-5, 2025
    2. February 1-2, 2025
    3. March 1-2, 2025
    4. March 29-30, 2025
    5. April 26-27, 2025
    6. May 17-18, 2025
    7. June 21-22, 2025
    8. July 19-20, 2025
    9. September 13-14, 2025
    10. October 11-12, 2025
    11. November 8-9, 2025
    12. December 6-7, 2025

Please note, school holidays have been avoided as much as possible.

Prospective students should be required to have a minimum of 18 months to 2 years of prior experience of practicing yoga.

This prerequisite acknowledges the importance of having a solid understanding of yoga fundamentals, including asanas, pranayama, and basic yogic principles. This experience allows participants to build upon their existing knowledge and deepen their practice during the program.

We believe this helps maintain a good standard of teaching in the Yoga ‘industry’.

Teaching Faculty

Christine Mason

E-RYT500 (experienced registered yoga) with further Yoga Alliance accredited training in Prenatal, Yin and Aerial yoga. Yoga Training:  Bangalore, India, with Pradeep Gowda (a1000 Teacher Training School) and Sandeep Manur (Amrutha Bindu Yoga). Satyananda lineage, Hatha style of Yoga, Bihar school.

Bel Harvey

YTTC200 Bahia, Nottingham, with further Yoga Alliance accredited training in Prenatal, Restorative, Baby, Kids and Women’s Health and Menopause yoga, Sound Healing, Chair Yoga. Krishnamacharya lineage.

Yashwanth Panem

YTTC200, YTTC300 based in Bangalore, India, Head Teacher of Pratyaksha Yoga.

Yoga Training: Bangalore, India, Pradeep Gowda (a1000 Teacher Training School). Satyananda lineage, Hatha style of Yoga, Bihar school.

Charlotte Larkin– RYT500 Vinyasa Teacher, Yin Yoga, Sound Healing,


Will I be able to become a yoga teacher after the course? 

Yes, you will be ready to teach yoga! You can choose to register with YA, or Yoga Alliance Professionals UK if you want to gain accreditation.

But you can also just use this course as a self study tool if that’s what you would prefer.

How is the yoga course assessed?

By the end of the course your will have demonstrated your skills and understanding and knowledge of yoga though a range of ways:

Ongoing journal of reflections (Monthly entry) throughout the course


Written assessments

Written assignments

Assessed live teaching sessions with discussion and feedback

Is there homework?

We ask you to keep a practice journal and do small reflection pieces each month. This makes you a reflective practitioner and helps you grow in your practice.

Is the course in person or online?

The course is in person. If for any reason the course is interrupted due to extenuating circumstances (as in the case of a pandemic, or similar) we will be able to provide online sessions.

This course is reassuringly priced

Our course is of the highest standard and in-person; it is of the best quality and not comparable to many other 200 hour yoga teacher training courses offered online or through unsupervised home-learning.

We don’t do flash sales or gimmicks because we believe  in transparency and fair dealings.

We are an accredited Yoga School and comply to the Elevated standards to ensure excellent, quality training. The teaching faculty on this course, comprising 4 main teachers, has more than 50 years combined experience.

You will only train with experienced lead teachers with a minimum of 8 years Yoga Teaching experience each. As part of the practical syllabus, you will also receive up to 5 hours apprenticeship training. And lifetime ongoing support whenever you ask for it. You will also benefit from FREE Yoga throughout the year to join any yoga class on our schedule and lifetime discounts on all additional TTCs upon successful graduation.

Option 1:Pay in full £2350

The best value option, saving just under £400 compared to instalments.

Option 2: Paid in two parts £2500

Deposit of £500 secures your place. The remaining balance of £2000 is due by 31st December 2023.

Option 3: Paid in 6 instalments £2730

Instalments are made by standing order.

Each of the 6 monthly payments are £455.

Or, get in touch and we can devise a plan that works for you.

To make the payments 

The Breathing Space School of Yoga Ltd  

Natwest | 32748817 | 01-02-66

Reference: TT + Your Surname (as many letters as permitted)   eg TTBROWN

To ask any questions or arrange an informal chat please email Christine teaching@breathingspaceyogastudio.co.uk

50% Yoga Subsidy

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting a more diverse and equitable yoga community, we have developed a Teacher Training Subsidy programme. We offer two subsidised spaces to our Teacher Training course to dedicated and committed applicants.

The subsidy reduces the course fees payable by the applicant by 50%.

Our panel of independent judges will make the selection based on a number of factors including financial position, background, disadvantages, representation, dedication to yoga, level of practice and the ability to overcome adversity.

If you can demonstrate a commitment to the practice and study of yoga (2 years experience) and any of the following statements apply to you, you are eligible to apply for the 50% fee reduction:

  • Global Majority:  belong to a black, asian or any other global majority group, not well represented in the UK yoga community
  • Underrepresented Groups: including, but not limited to, those from the deaf community, those with a visible disability

100% attendance and commitment to all of our courses is required. Please ensure you are in a position to accept the offer of joining the course before making your application. Do read extensively about the course, the commitment required and the scheduled dates in all other sections.

To make the application for the scholarship, click here.

What is included:

  • 200 contact hours at the yoga studio (with a teacher).
  • 1:1 ongoing mentorship to support your assignments and assessments when required.
  • Apprenticeship with experienced teachers in which you will be able to lead sections of their classes.
  • Quality hard copy manual with supporting online materials where relevant.
  • FREE yoga to access the Breathing Space yoga schedule for ongoing practice with your teachers. If you have a particular teacher outside the Breathing Space with whom you practice, we encourage you to demonstrate commitment and continue your practice with them.

What isn’t included:

  • Lunch and refreshments – please bring your own, or feel free to go out to any of the nearby cafes in the Cathedral Quarter (you will receive a Cathedral Quarter discount card for 10% off). There is the fridge and an urn for your use in the studio.
  • Travel and accommodation in Derby.
  • Course texts. There are six main texts you will be required to purchase which will support your ongoing practice. Approx £50-100 depending on whether you purchase them first or second hand.

ALL monies paid are non refundable and the non transferable to future dates.

If you opt to pay in two parts and have a balance to pay, this is due by 31st December 2023.

No refund will be given in the event of non-attendance, non-completion or unsatisfactory completion that does not merit a ‘pass’.

High-quality, Ethical Teacher training in Derby, East Midlands


  • Your lead trainers will have a minimum of 8 years teaching experience.
  • Your lead teacher will teach the majority of the training and holds ERYT500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with a level 2 qualification)
  • Your courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance International and count towards your ongoing CPD
  • Your course complies with elevated Yoga Alliance Standards
  • Our faculty comprises a number of Internationally recognised Trainers who are experts in their field
  • A personalised, friendly and inclusive learning environment.
  • Quality ongoing, expert mentoring.
  • A luxury, fully equipped Yoga Shala in which to undertake your trainings.


..I’m so excited to have got this far and for what comes next, but will miss our 200-hour retreat weekends together so so much. My practice has transformed!  The Yoga School is led by amazing teachers, with so much lived experience. Christine, the lead teacher, is an incredible mentor with such a passion for yoga, and I’ve loved the teaching input from Bel and Yashwanth too – they are all so experienced, knowledgeable, generous and caring. Thank you too to the rest of the Breathing Space community; the faculty of teachers who let us observe their teaching and the practitioners we have ‘practiced on’ in our apprenticeships and teaching practice.

I have loved every single minute of the 200-hour yoga teacher training, even the urdhva danurasana ones! Each module was creatively allowed us to explore yoga through different prisms and went far beyond the physical but into the subtle and transformative layers of the practice. Whilst I loved the opportunity to study in depth, I also really enjoyed the opportunities we had to explore Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Props and Restorative Yoga too. 

Most of all, I feel privileged to have shared my 200hr journey with 6 other amazingly strong, resilient, creative, joyful trainees, I have learnt so much from each of them, and I will remember this time forever. We’ve come a long way in 10 months, but there’s a life time of learning still to come.

Even though I was applied for yoga teacher training, what I really wanted was to deepen my knowledge of this wonderful practice. But now, I want to share the joy I feel within this practice with anyone who would like to take this journey.

Throughout the course, the teaching was first class. The course thoroughly equipped me to become a yoga teacher right from the start. There were low key opportunities to start teaching the fellow students right from the start, which eased me into the role of a teacher gradually. Positive feedback was given throughout.  The knowledge of both Christine, Bel and other teachers which participated in our training was deep and complemented each other. The course contained all the aspects which were required to develop a well-rounded teaching practice. There was not only the anatomy and physiology to underpin a safe and effective asana practice, but also a focus on yoga philosophy and all of the limbs of yoga. We looked at meditation, Nidra, Pranayama which allowed us a balanced progression.

Right from the opening ceremony to our graduation, ever part of the course was curated to provide us with the best possible deepening of our own personal practice and introduction to teaching yoga. Whether you want to learn to teach yoga, or purely deepen your own practice, I would highly recommend Breathing Space for its fantastic teacher training course.

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