Yoga Classes at the Breathing Space

At The Breathing Space, we offer a diverse range of yoga classes and experiences designed to meet the needs of practitioners at every level. Our supportive environment values a non-competitive approach, fostering mindfulness and self-awareness in each session.

Explore our offerings alphabetically. Click on any specific class to see when it’s on the schedule.

Aerial Cocoon Sound Bath

Experience our unique Aerial Cocoon Sound Bath; this innovative healing experience utilises the vibrations of Tibetan bowls and chimes to release physical, emotional, and mental tension, promoting deep relaxation and stress relief. Cocoon yourself in the aerial hammock and let the sounds guide you to a state of rejuvenation and restoration.

Aerial Yoga

Elevate your practice with Aerial Yoga, integrating the use of a hammock or swing to support or extend individual postures. Explore movements creatively, develop core strength, flexibility, and experience decompression of the spine and joints. Our versatile aerial prop adapts to your practice, ensuring maximum benefit.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Embark on a prescribed flow of asanas linking seamlessly with breath in our Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes. Promote stamina, strength, and meditative effects through this dynamic practice led by expert instructors.

Beginners Yoga

Perfect for those new to yoga or looking to refresh their practice, our Beginners Yoga classes provide a welcoming introduction to foundational poses and principles. Join us and take the first step on your yoga journey in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Chair Yoga

Join our inclusive and wholesome Chair Yoga practice, accessible for all levels. Using chairs and supportive props, we focus on stability, strength, and discovering freedom and joy in the body’s movements.

Enrichment Workshops

Discover a range of practices through our enrichment workshops, covering topics like pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, and more. Dive deeper into areas of interest and expand your yoga journey.

Gentle Yoga

Slow down and practice mindfulness with Gentle Yoga, perfect for improving physical health and reducing stress and anxiety levels. Safe for recovery from injury or illness, it promotes faster healing and positive mental health.

Hatha Yoga

Explore mindful sequences of asanas in Hatha Yoga, focusing on themes or building up to challenging poses. Prepare the body gradually in peak classes before winding down with restorative practices.

Kids’ / Family Yoga 

Discover Family Yoga, a joyful bonding experience for all ages. Unwind and connect through playful poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. Strengthen family ties while enhancing flexibility, coordination, and mindfulness. Suitable for children aged 4-11 and their grown-ups, it’s a delightful way to cultivate well-being together.

Kundalini Yoga

Awaken your energy and elevate consciousness through Kundalini Yoga, combining breathwork, meditation, chanting, and movement. Join our supportive community on a journey of self-discovery and balance.


Cultivate mental clarity and relaxation through Meditation, reducing stress, enhancing focus, and improving emotional well-being. Patience and consistent effort are key on this transformative journey.

Men’s Yoga Classes

Designed for male practitioners, our Men’s Yoga Classes offer a supportive space to explore yoga’s physical and mental benefits. Cultivate strength, flexibility, and camaraderie with tailored guidance from our instructor, Graham.

Menopause Yoga

Ease menopause symptoms and connect with your body through Menopause Yoga. Manage hot flashes, mood swings, and fatigue while building strength, flexibility, and resilience.

Mama and Baby Yoga – Parent & Baby

Deepen your bond with your baby through physical touch and play while enjoying a supportive and nurturing environment for yourself. Gentle asanas and breathing practices promote calmness and connection.

Pregnancy Yoga

Connect with your changing body, breath, and bump during this magnificent journey of human development. Alleviate aches and pains, gather tools for childbirth, and prepare for a calm and empowered birth.

Qi Gong

Experience the gentle yet powerful movements of Qi Gong, promoting vitality, balance, and inner harmony. Cultivate energy flow, release tension, and enhance overall well-being with our Qi Gong classes.

Restorative Yoga

Experience deep physical and emotional release with Restorative Yoga, where postures are held for longer periods, supported by props.

Vinyasa Yoga (Flow)

Feel strong, focused, and invigorated with Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic style that combines flowing sequences of postures with synchronized breath.

Yin Yoga

Delve into deep connective tissue with Yin Yoga, focusing on long-held asanas to create flexibility and mental resilience.

Yoga for Sport

Restore strength and flexibility in particular joints and muscles impacted by sports activities, improving performance and promoting recovery.

Yoga Nidra

Experience the transformative power of Yoga Nidra, a guided relaxation practice that induces deep relaxation and healing at the subconscious level. Join us for sessions designed to promote stress relief, emotional balance, and inner peace. This is held each first Friday evening of the month.