Yoga Classes

All yoga classes are offered in a supportive environment where we value a non-competitive approach. We prize mindful practices where students are given the freedom to listen and respond to their bodies, creating strength and flexibility, not punishment and pain.

Hatha Yoga

  • A mindful sequence of asanas (postures) focusing on a theme or the build-up to a peak.
  • In a theme class, we focus on a particular area of the body or specific technique to create strength, flexibility or awareness.
  • In a peak class, we aim to prepare the body slowly for a more challenging asana, before winding down through a restorative, relaxing practice to a close.

Dynamic / Vinyasa Flow

  • A beautifully choreographed flow of Hatha asanas (postures) linking seamlessly with the breath to create a dynamic practice. Excellent for promoting stamina and strength whilst using the asanas to a meditative effect.

Yin Yoga

  • Here we focus on long-held asanas to zero in on deep connective tissue, creating flexibility and mental resilience. Candlelight sessions promote the deep serenity this practice can bring.

Kundalini Yoga

  • Bring connection to the body and breath through a series of ‘kriyas’ or sequences. Music,  mantra and rhythmic postures make for a truly powerful and unique experience.

Restorative Yoga

  • A soothing sequence of postures supported by props and held for longer periods. This approach allows you not only to experience a deep physical release, but also to appreciate the broader impact of physical practice on your emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Ashtanga Yoga

  • A prescribed flow of asanas (postures) linking seamlessly with the breath to create a strong, dynamic practice. Excellent for promoting stamina and strength whilst using the asanas to a meditative effect.

Hot Yoga

  • This practice brings the body to a state of immediate comfort and relaxation. We use a higher ambient temperature to open and relax the body whilst bringing flexibility and strength through mindful engagement of the muscles.

Aerial Yoga

Give your practice a lift!
  • Aerial Yoga is a wonderful  practice which integrates the use of a hammock or swing to support or extend individual postures. From the lightest downward dog,  to the most deeply satisfying weightless shoulder stand – this approach truly frees up the body to explore!
  • The support it provides gives the freedom to fully invert, explore the movements creatively and develop core strength, flexibility and decompression of the spine and joints.
  • The beauty of this very versatile prop means that it can adapt and modify your practice wherever necessary to ensure you gain maximum benefit from the session.

Pre-natal (Pre booked course)

  • This practice will help you connect with your ever-changing body, breath and bump during this magnificent feat of human development. Poses will help to alleviate the aches and pains your body may be experiencing, and to gather tools for a calm and empowered birth, whatever type of delivery you hope for.

Yoga Berries – Parent & Baby  (Pre booked course)

Babies –  3 months to crawling

Tots – 2 to 5 years old (Preschool)

  • Continue to deepen your bonding experience with your baby through physical touch and play, whilst making sure you yourself get the care and attention you deserve during this demanding phase of parenthood . Gentle asana and breathing practices will make for a supportive, nurturing and calm environment in which you can enjoy quality time with your little one.

OMazing Kids (pre booked course)

  • Get your little Yogis involved and see the powerful impact yoga can have on their body awareness, coordination and concentration. All the classes are taught in a fun and interactive way and will bring them useful, easy-to-follow practices for resilience and self-care from a very young age. Check the schedule to find the right class for the age of your child.

GRIT – Growing Resilience in Teens (Pre booked course)

Grit 1 – Ages 12 – 15

Grit 2 – Ages 16 – 18

  • The teenage years are increasingly challenging to navigate and we believe Yoga can provide a wealth of tools for young people to build self confidence and resilience. In a world where we often focus on connecting externally, in this course we gently explore the internal physical, emotional and mental experience. In a nurturing and supportive way, teens can begin to develop their ability to recognise and engage with their experience with a view to motivate them to further explore self care strategies.

Family Yoga (Pre booked monthly workshop)

  • An excellent way to combine playful interaction with physical closeness and cooperation with your youngster. Learn how to establish a family practice and take away ideas and techniques to bring a little zen into your home. Book a spot for you, the adult and bring your little ones along.

Chair Yoga 

  • If you are recovering from injury or have limited mobility, Chair Yoga gives you access to a vast range of practices whilst minimising exertion on the legs, keeping the heart rate closer to regular, and exerting less pressure on the cardiovascular system.

Yoga for Healthy Aging

  • A gently paced class following a sequence of classical yoga postures aimed to help maintain physical, mental and emotional health whatever your age. We’ll focus on building strength, improving flexibility and balance and improving the body’s circulatory systems.

Express Lunch

  • If you’re super busy but don’t want to miss your ‘me-time’, take advantage of our express lunch yoga session. Grab a quick shower and a healthy snack or drink to take away and be on your merry way in no time!

Monthly Workshops

  • Pranayama (breath practices), surya namaskar (sun salutations), meditation, yoga nidra (yogic sleep), self practice, inversions, yoga for hormones, arm-balances, yoga for the menopause, gong baths, food and psychology, probiotics and so much more!