Teacher CPD

The Empowered Voice

for Teachers to Develop and Care for their Voice

Led by  professional voice coach Anita Gilbert

Saturday, 11th May, 1-4pm

Join us for this  transformative 3-hour CPD workshop designed specifically for teachers, instructors, facilitators, and anyone leading group classes or experiences.

Led by a professional voice coach, this session aims to delve into the potential of your voice as a powerful tool in your teaching journey.

We will explore

  • Developing and Caring for Your Voice: Understand how to nurture and optimise your voice as a yoga teacher.
  • Breath and Body Integration: Learn techniques to enhance your voice using breath and body connection.
  • Tone, Clarity, Pace, Volume, and Projection: Explore the elements that make your voice impactful, including breaking away from the stereotypical ‘yoga teacher’s voice.’
  • Authenticity: Embrace your natural voice and move beyond artificial tones.
  • Voice Warm-ups: Techniques to warm up your voice, mouth, throat, and body before teaching.
  • Expressive Voice: Utilise your voice as a tool to alter mood and energy in your classes.
  • Confidence Building: Overcome nerves and boost your confidence as a speaker and instructor.
  • Breathing, Speaking and Teaching: Learn how to seamlessly integrate breath, speaking, and teaching, all at the same time.

Workshop Format

A dynamic blend of theory, discussions, and practical exercises. Participate in group, partner, and individual activities to enhance your understanding and application. Gain practical takeaways that you can immediately incorporate into your teaching practice.

About Anita Gilbert

Anita is a Senior Lecturer in Voice at Leeds Conservatoire and runs masterclasses for a variety of actor training Universities and Colleges. She has worked professionally in TV, Film, Radio & Theatre, before moving into voice and accent coaching full time.

Coaching Credits include: Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford; Extra Time, The Little Mermaid, Treasure Island, One Man Two Guvnors, What Fatima Did, Abi (Derby Theatre); Rock, Paper, Scissors (Sheffield Theatres); Bonny Chip (Fox & Cox Productions)


£65: Includes 3 hours with professional Voice Coach Anita Gilbert, in a small group setting.

Have a question about this course? We’re always happy to help- please email us, Christine or Bel, with any queries.