Awakening Self Awareness with Metaphysics

a six week course

with Metaphysical Counsellor Louise Wint

Starts Tuesday 30th January 2024

Feeling the urge for positive change, but overwhelmed by where to start?

Ready to uncover your true purpose? Seek fresh perspectives and challenge limiting beliefs? Feel a nudge towards a more fulfilling life?

Explore a new framework for growth and clarity. Connect with yourself to create change with ease, joy, and intuition.

Join “An Introduction to Self Awareness” for a Mind/Body/Spiritual approach. Gain tools for self-enquiry and move forward supported, nourished, and empowered.

What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that delves into fundamental questions about the nature of reality, going beyond what can be observed or measured empirically. It provides a nurturing framework, allowing us to deepen our understanding of the Mind/Body/Soul connection. This exploration provides the freedom to apply this knowledge in our own unique way – no rigid doctrines, no ‘shoulds’, just endless possibilities.

The tools you will gain

  • Practical tools & techniques to start to question your old thinking patterns and beliefs
  • An increased sense of clarity around what YOU want out of your life
  • A deeper understanding of relationships around us, and how they can be our greatest teachers
  • Feeing less “stuck” in situations or repeating experiences
  • An understanding of how to blend the “Spiritual” into your everyday life
  • An enhanced understanding of the importance of meditation & self care on this journey
  • A shift in perspective about life, people, situations, a healthier outlook
  • Enhanced clarity that supports your way through the overwhelm of life, things, work, etc
  • A feeling of being more open & deserving to discover and own your own unique talents & strengths

Join the 6 week course and start on a path of discovery

Meet Louise; Holistic Counsellor, Coach, Metaphysical Practitioner & Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, and Mum.

″I hold the belief that each one of us is a unique, significant force in the grand tapestry of life. However, oftentimes, we have unwittingly adopted beliefs about ourselves that profoundly influence our actions. Regrettably, we may not even be aware of this baggage.

For some, a pivotal event may have occurred, while for others, it may feel like a nebulous cloud, obscuring why we never quite feel “good enough.” Many of us grapple with a sense of limitation and stagnation, making life seem like an uphill battle.

Regardless of the reasons, many of us reach a juncture where we find ourselves in need of a helping hand, that extra support to comprehend the growing discomfort with life.

I know that sensation. I also know that it is entirely possible to reclaim our innate talents and acknowledge our gifts, once we muster the courage to explore what needs healing. This entails acknowledging past hurts and navigating through discomfort, but I assure you, it is a journey well worth the effort. It is our birthright to live life from a place of empowerment, to lead a life doing what brings us joy and purpose…”