The Breathing Space is a place of learning and development for the body, breath and mind. We offer regular yoga workshops, courses and teacher trainings to enrich, deepen and explore all elements of your practice: from Aerial Yoga to Baby Yoga; Yogasana Masterclasses to Soundbaths – we have something for you.

Enrichment Workshops

Aerial Cocoon Sound Bath

Saturday 29th January 1130am – 1230pm

Join us for a deeply meditative journey bathed in the rich and beguiling vibrations of the Tibetan bowls, chimes and complimentary instruments.
Simply cocoon yourself in the silks and let the sound be your guide. The sounds will lead you where you need to go. Beginning with a grounding meditation, allow Nicole to expertly hold space for you as you traverse a rich and soothing soundscape to find restoration, release and restfulness.
Bring your own cosy things to make the experience even more sumptuous: blankets, eye pillows, and anything else that you need to make yourself extra snug.


Crystal Yoga – Rose Quartz for Self-love and Inner Beauty

Sunday January 30th 1030 – 1230

Rose Quartz, the gemstone of love, harmony and connection inspires this Workshop led by our crystal specialist Kasia. A 2 hour workshop combining Yoga, crystals and meditation for self care and compassion, promoting  self love, beauty and radiance.
Let Kasia be your guide and take you through an exploratory journey to experience Rose quartz crystal meditations, self-love yin yoga and  positive affirmations and well as understanding the properties of rose quartz and how to incorporate crystals in your every day life.

Sunday 13th February 2022 11am – 12.30pm 

The heart chakra is often referred to as the heart centre – a powerful seat within our subtle body and home of compassion and  love and forgiveness.

In this beautifully crafted workshop, Charlotte leads a combination of flow, yin and meditation to explore the power that can be found in freeing up the heart space to not only receive, but to be able to give more freely.  Be YOUR valentine.

Hygge – The Art of connection

Saturday 19th March 1130am – 130pm

With the Autumn’s arrival and nights drawing in, we hunker down and turn our attention on the cosier aspects of life.
We like to reflect the seasons with our yoga practice and have planned an autumn/winter season of the most delicious Hygge Yoga sessions to sustain you through the colder months. Hygge – pronounced Hue-geh – is a Danish word that encompasses all things snug and cosy. Think woolly jumpers, knitted socks, soft blankets and the smell of spice and warm gingerbread.
Join us this winter to explore Hygge Yoga and the art of cherishing yourself on and off the mat. Allow Christine and Bel to lead you through a nourishing two hour practice with elements of gentle flow, deepening yin, releasing restorative and meditation. Each session will include a long and luxurious Savasana, a sumptuous treat and a cosy hygge gift.
Our snug studio is the perfect place to explore connection, soothing rituals and the simple pleasures of moving the body whilst stilling the mind.


Crystal Yoga – Green Aventurine for Prosperity and Abundance

Sunday 20th March 1030am – 1230pm 

To herald the Spring equinox, we are hosting the second in the series of our very special Crystal Yoga Workshops.

This month: Green Aventurine, wood element and the season of Spring.

Green Aventurine, the stone of new beginnings, prosperity and abundance inspires this Workshop led by our crystal specialist Kasia. A 2 hour workshop combining Yoga, crystals and meditation for prosperity, opportunity, success and  balance and positive affirmations. All of this, as well  as understanding the properties of Green Aventurine and how to incorporate crystals in your every day life.

Yoga Asana

Prop it : Alignment in asana

Sunday 12th February 1030 – 1145am 

Feel the full benefit of every asana with the use of chairs, blocks and straps. A workshop to focus on exploring the alignment of the asana for your body to hold postures for several minutes to harness mental resilience.
A great practice for people who want to understand their body and alignment to facilitate dynamic practices, or prefer a less dynamic approach generally.

Yogasana Masterclass: Journey into splits

Sunday 6th February 1030 – 12pm

This Asana masterclass with Laura, whilst focussing primarily on the alignments and techniques of postures, also considers the impact on the on the breath, mind and emotional experience of the practice.
Deeply opening and releasing, to work into the spaces of the hips and hamstrings to work towards hanumasana (splits).


Gravity Yoga: Aerial Silks Workshops

Give your practice a lift! Aerial Yoga is a wonderful practice which integrates the use of silks to support or extend individual postures.

From the lightest downward dog, to the most deeply satisfying weightless shoulder stand – this approach truly frees up the body to explore! The support it provides gives the freedom to fully invert, explore the movements creatively and develop core strength, flexibility and decompression of the spine and joints.

The beauty of this very versatile prop means that it can adapt and modify your practice wherever necessary to ensure you gain maximum benefit from the session.

Introduction to aerial yoga for beginners

Saturday 26th February 1030- 1200
90 minute workshop

Build basic technique, skill and confidence to take into Aerial Yoga Flow classes (Thursdays 715pm, or Aerial Relax and restore, Thursdays 0945)


Gravity Yoga: Aerial Silks Courses

Build your skills, knowledge and confidence with this versatile and liberating prop over a series. 


Wednesday 16th March 1915 – 2030 for 4 weeks


AERIAL Yoga Flow sessions

For those who have completed the Beginners Course, have silks experience or like a physical challenge.

Thursdays 1915 – 2015

Included in UNLIMITED Members or buy a standard pass or bundle


Aerial Silks Spinal Care Course

A course to find traction, strength, balance and mobility of the spine and spinal muscles to keep you feeling younger, stronger and taller! A course suitable for those who suffer from chronic back pain, scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, herniated discs or just want to prevent back pain and gather tools for spinal health.

A rolling 4 week course. Absolute beginners most welcome.


Training Courses

For our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training September 2022 or Aerial Yoga Teacher training March 2022 courses CLICK HERE