Worried you were going to miss out on your YOGA practice during this rather surreal time?  Fear not – the Breathing Space is by your side to offer you your regular Yoga sessions to maintain your practice.
But with a twist!
Keep going. Keep healthy. Keep supporting your independent, friendly Yoga studio!

Join us by following these very simple steps.

  1. Unroll the mat and carry OM!

In more detail:

  1. Make a zoom account: Also, download the app version to your chosen device. We recommend the bigger screen the better. Choice of apple / android.
  1. Book your class on the schedule as normal. Your pass will be debited in the normal way. (an URL link will be sent to you so you can join the class through your zoom account 30 minutes before class)
  2. Unroll that mat and carry OMline! Please login 10 minutes before the start of the class to minimise delays with technology. Just think; no travel time!

Tips and hints for a great home practice with the Breathing Space.

  • Turn up early to greet your teacher as normal. Report on injury/ general condition.
  • Turn off phones / TV / radio / children!
  • Use a laptop / tablet with a large screen,  or “mirror” your phone on your TV.
  • Create a cosy space. Have your mat ready and make your yoga space as clear and clutter free as you can.
  • Don’t forget to dress for the occasion – your teacher can see you!

As an independent, small studio we absolutely depend on you,  our wonderful, committed clients, to keep going during this rather bizarre time. Please,  overcome that fear of trying something new and give it a bash.

Most importantly, keep yourself safe,  
With gratitude and best wishes, 
Christine, Bel and the amazing Breathing Space Team x