Yoga Teacher Training

Aerial Yoga for Spinal Health

Thursday 22nd September

9am – 6pm 

10 Hours CPD

Yoga Alliance registered

A good back-care program requires relaxation, traction, flexion, strength building, mobilisation and sensitivity. The Yoga Swing has a superb means for achieving these goals.

In this course we’ll show you how to progressively restore, maintain and improve spinal and back health.

This course is for you if you’re interested in taking your Aerial Yoga teaching in a more specialized direction and enhancing the range of clients you can work with – particularly on a one to one basis.

This course will also be useful for anybody who wants to better manage their own back health.

The course will take the form 8 hours in-studio teaching and a 2 hour assignment. For the homework you will need a body that you can practice the course material on. It could be your own, but it would be a better learning experience for you if you could find somebody with a pre-existing back issue (this could be as simple as a touch of stiffness, soreness) and work with them.

The Breathing Space is an established Aerial Studio, with a rich all-year-round curriculum led by co-founder Christine Mason (TTC 200 hours, TTC 300 hours, Aerial, Yin, Pre/post Natal, Chair). After discovering the joy and benefits of aerial, Christine trained with Teaching Aerial Yoga London – who deliver expert training in London and across Europe.

Be more than an Aerial Instructor

Aerial Yoga Training with Richard and Agne at the Breathing Space, will help you make the transition from an instructor -where classes have to be more rigid and controlled – to a genuine teacher – where you have the skills to work more creatively and spontaneously with your students.  You will also gain knowledge of their bespoke sequences which have been tried and tested on real people in real classes over many years, proven to retain aerial yoga clients who build a love for this practice.

A holistic approach to Aerial Yoga

Richard and Agne, from Teaching Aerial Yoga London, specialise in 75-90 minute, holistic, Aerial Yoga classes for beginners to advanced students. The aerial silks are well known for facilitating spinal traction and deep assisted stretching which is wonderful in itself, but that is only part of what you can do with them. Over 9 years of developing a unique teaching approach, Richard and Agne have pioneered a wide range of uses and techniques that can give people a more complete and enriching yoga experience.

Session 1 ‘Restoring’

We’ll look at common back issues and consider the limits of what we can safely work with in an Aerial Yoga Swing. Discuss the importance of building confidence in movement range and talk about the role of relaxation and breathing in back care and learn a simple, swing based technique to use. We’ll then go through the gentler, restorative, physical swing options from a low setting. After that you can go away and practice them on your back ‘model’.

Session 2 ‘Maintain & Improve’

In this session we’ll be looking more at the whole body, but first, we’ll discuss our findings from session 1 before moving onto standing and suspended postures for back-care. We’ll broaden our focus onto associated muscle groups that can be a factor in back pain such as hamstrings, hips & chest and work through the postures that can help. You’ll then go away and practice what’s appropriate on your case-study.

Session 3 ‘Bringing it all together’

Firstly, we’ll discuss our findings from session 2, then we’ll look at how to develop progressive sequences – from restoring, through maintaining, to improving – for some common postural misalignments that can lead to back discomfort. We’ll look at posterior and anterior pelvic tilts and scoliosis. We will see how we can apply the material that we have covered in previous sessions to these specific postures. Finally we’ll talk about aftercare with particular reference to breathing and relaxation practices that people can use as a valuable adjunct to the Asana practices.

8 hours contact, in-studio training

Review and feedback following your submission of your 2 hour post-course assignment

1 hour post course mentorship

Access to online video library of spinal care practices covered

10 Yoga Alliance CPD hours upon successful completion of the course

The Breathing Space Yoga Studio

14 George Street, Derby


9.00 – 11.00 Training (Theory & Practice)
11.00 – 11.15 Tea Break
11.15 – 13.00 Training (Theory & Practice)
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch break
14.00 – 17.00 Training (Theory & Practice)
17.00 – 18.00 Teaching Review

Postcode: DE1 1EH

Parking: Yes £3 a day (diagonally opposite, next to Orange Tree pub)

Road: M1 Junction 25 (12 miles)

Air: East Midlands (14 miles)

Travel and food.

Please bring your mat, water bottle, a snack, notebook and pen, a warm layer.

All payments are non-refundable and non transferable, except in exceptional circumstances and when at least 3 week’s notice is given.
No refunds or part refunds are offered in the event of non-attendance, non-completion, or unsatisfactory completion of the course which do not earn a ‘pass’.
Please check you are suitable for this course before making any payments.

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